Laskar Pelangi

Laskar Pelangi
Directed by Riri Riza
Produced by Mira lesmana
Written by Mira lesmana
Starring Riri Riza 

Cut Mini
Tora Sudiro
Slamet Rahardjo
Music by
Sri Aksan Sjuman, Titi Handayani Sjuman
Cinematography Yadi Sugandi
Release date(s) September 25, 2008 (2008-09-25)
Running time 124 minutes

It's quite rare for us to find Indonesian movie that contains a good moral value. Many movies just recorded with the mediocre acting, and rather confusing to understand. Laskar Pelangi is a film that serve us a lot of lesson about life, struggle and dream s. We think this movie is very good.

This film is adapted from Andrea Hirata's novel with the same title, "Laskar Pelangi". It tells about the struggle of a teacher and her ten Elementary School students in a small  village in tin mining village, Belitong. Their struggle in getting the worth education in their poverty represents the condition of Indonesian's education at that time.
Economic constraints challenge created some difficulties for the poor area to get good facilities on learning.


Directed by Riri Riza and Mira Lesmana as the writer, the plot flows well. We want to give four-thumb-up to the cinematography and the music of this movie. The team has made this movie looks gorgeus.The acting of Cut Mini acts (Bu Mus), Ikranegara (Kepala sekolah), and ten native students of Gantong look natural and it's a comfortable viewing.

The film is certainly not perfect. The plot had lost its  direction in the middle of the movie, something that almost always occur in Indonesian movies. Fortunately this "out off track" can immediately find its taste. 

But, if the average of the Indonesian movies scored about 6 stars, then i'm sure that we do not mind to give  Laskar Pelangi 60 stars, do we?